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glasshouse is considered a greenhouse, a place where plants are cultivated and grown. Some folks may call it a sunroom, a garden room glasshouse as well. I suppose this would depend on what part of the world you happen to be from and the terminology you use to associate these types of structures with.

If you happen to be from England folks from that part of the world generally refer to a greenhouse as a glasshouse.


The post and beam greenhouse, a framed structure surrounded with glass.

In some cases polycarbonate panels creates the same glasshouse affect. A polycarbonate greenhouse.

All in all, we’re still building a custom greenhouse kit, generally used for growing plants.

Recently we posted an article about an attached Glue-Lam Greenhouse. 

A customized glasshouse kit designed to blend in with the style of their home.

The roof constructed with conventional material, incorporates 2 operable venting skylights which are manually controled.

As you can see, the vaulted ceiling finished in sheet-rock, painted white. The greenhouse decor is trimmed out to match the house decor with a stunning post and beam structure.

The purpose for designing this wood frame glasshouse with a solid roof is to reduce the impact of having too much solar heat gain.

Depending on where you happen to live, certain parts of the country or world for that matter, receive more solar rays than other parts of the world.

Too much sun without proper overhead ventilation is generally not very good for successful greenhouse and glasshouse growing.

The orientation of your greenhouse plays an important part on how you should build your greenhouse.

This  attached glasshouse faces south.

This means that the greenhouse would receive maximum solar gain from the front side of their greenhouse most of the day during the winter.

If they had a glass or polycarbonate roof they would have to shade to avoid burning plants.

This glasshouse structure utilized single pane glass walls. If they had used insulated glass units the difference in temperature would be very minimal, but the cost is more than double.

You be the judge!

Insulated glass in a greenhouse does not guarantee thermal retention efficiency. A draft free and well constructed sealed greenhouse is just as thermally efficient.


separated by a set of swinging glass doors into the main part of the house.

This arrangement allows for solar heat to warm the house during sunny days.

The shaded solid roof helps tremendously during the warmer seasons as the sun is positioned directly over the structure preventing direct solar rays from entering the greenhouse.

The operable vented skylight keeps the greenhouse temperature in balance allowing for natural convection to cool the greenhouse.

A solid insulated roof as well as insulated curtains draped between each post can also help in keeping your greenhouse warm. Enabling warm collected air to sustain during those cold winter evenings.

If the roof were glass or polycarbonate, much of that collected warmer air would dissipate very quickly making your greenhouse too cold to sustain plant life and will not provide maximum solar heat gain.

Overall there is fine balance one must work at to have a successful home attached greenhouse or a wood frame glasshouse

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