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If you’re an avid swimmer and love the benefits of a swimming pool or hot tub. By all means consider the value and enjoyment a pool enclosure will bring.

If you’re going to make an investment by building a swimming pool. Then consider the time it will take to maintain a swimming pool.

One of the first things you’ll experience when you have a pool is the pure enjoyment of taking a dip anytime of the year. For those who don’t enclose their pool or spa then get ready for a steady routine of maintenance.

One sure way to minimize the task of maintenance is by enclosing it.

Pool house can convert your outdoor pool or patio spa into an indoor paradise for sure! Whether you have an above ground swimming pool, hot tub or in-ground swimming pool.

A swimming pool enclosure can add enormous value to your residence not to mention the amount of extra time you’ll be able to spend in the water, any time of the year.

Feast your eyes on these swimming pool enclosures.

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Pool structures by Solar Innovations (pdf) or just visit their entire Pool Enclosure site.

How much does a swimming pool enclosure cost?

This depends on the size of the pool.

An average square foot price can range anywhere from $75.00 a sq. ft.to $ 150.00 a sq. ft. As you can see the range is very broad. This apply s to pool screen enclosures as well. Overall cost will depend on the builder you select and the type of materials.


There are a few types of materials used to build swimming pool enclosures

  • aluminum
  • vinyl /steel,
  • wood or conventional stick framed structures.

Each material has its share of pros and cons. The most lasting structure will surely be made of a material impervious to water and humid conditions.

Pool enclosures made from conventional materials will usually be susceptible to decay and mold.

Keep your pool enclosure in good shape. With good operational ventilation and heat controls.

There is no doubt, people all over the world spend countless hours opening, closing and cleaning their pools and spas.

Create a structure of solid glass or polycarbonate translucent panels. You’ll enjoy your investment much more. Allow the beauty of nature and the outdoors to become part of your indoor swimming experience. All the while, keeping out inclement weather conditions, leaves, pine needles, bugs and insects.

If designed and built correctly.   A Pool enclosures investment will no doubt be re-coped over time, resale values will also increase over time.


Homes with unprotected swimming pools and spas can be a detriment when it comes time to sell. The extra investment and time put in to construct a pool enclosure will be well worth it, making your home that much more desirable by creating the perfect swimming pool environment.

There are many types of spa and hot tub enclosures. If your looking to compliment a design to fit your homes surroundings consider an affordable custom built enclosure.

We can design any size and use a variety of weather resistant materials that will outperform and resist any wet and moist environment.

Designing a pergola and privacy walls with translucent roof panels will ensure countless hours of privacy, fun and relaxation.

Regardless of budget, there’s a design just waiting for your pool and or spa / hot tub.

Design features include stone, stucco, cedar wood composition for structures, enclosed walls or open air design is what makes a beautiful hot tub stand out in any home.

Thanks for visiting….. enjoy the water! and when your ready …give us a call…!


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