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A modest greenhouse or a patio sunroom is truly affordable. If you are going to buy a greenhouse kit to start out, you may find yourself looking at options, such as an insulated passive solar greenhouse made of wood, aluminum, or galvanized steel combined with sip panel R-28 walls or standard construction materials to capture precious heat. With this option, growing all year long is more feasible and creates the perfect growing environment. Thank you for visiting this website. Spring is in the air, you can sometimes feel it.? Now is the time to begin thinking about how you are going to put your best gardening plan together. Good Luck!!
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We provide the best greenhouses and sunrooms in our region.

We locally serve Colorado Springs, Black Forest, Monument, Pueblo, Fountain, Woodland Park, Denver, and surrounding areas.

Our established line of greenhouse kits and sunroom designs provide quality, functionality, and enjoyment for the best value!

When it comes to greenhouses and sunrooms, we offer and build only the best in garden greenhouses, solar greenhouses, polycarbonate greenhouses, conservatories, sunrooms, pool enclosures, and patio deck enclosures.

Additionally, we carry greenhouse polycarbonate panels, tempered glass, accessories, as well as plant benches by Bench Master.

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Small lean to greenhouse, small lean to greenhouses, solar greenhouse, small greenhouses for sale


We are proud to show off some of our wonderful Greenhouses
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Sunrooms provide homes with a relaxed area for enjoyment, home recreation, abundant sun energy, and added living space. Additionally...
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Greenhouse Gallery

Check out some of our installations at our greenhouse gallery
What we offer

Let’s add green energy to life

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Solar Panel Installation

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Hybrid Back-up System

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30Kva Victron Solar Hybrid System

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Project Development

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Engineering, Procurement & Construction

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Operation & Maintenance

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When Looking...

When looking for structural multi-wall or twin wall polycarbonate sheets, ranging from (6mm) 1/4″ to 1″ (25mm), and accessories you can save substantially by purchasing from Greenhouses Del Sol or if you are looking for new tempered cut glass single pane or double pane (any size specified). Let’s plan and build your own greenhouse growing space.

We also provide new and replacement glass in any dimension, any specification, single glazed, double glaze with or without a high-performance Low E, clear, tinting, and aluminum glazing systems for custom wood greenhouses and sunrooms

Please be sure to visit the rest of our site… A cornucopia of greenhouses and sunrooms information filled with useful resource information for all your solar and greenhouse needs. Greenhouse construction has become an enormous consideration for people who are interested in growing their own vegetable supply and organic gardening. Here are some more pics of projects we just finished within these past 2 years…

Hope they inspire you so that you can start your very own greenhouse… why wait when you can do it this year!

small lean to greenhouse, small lean to greenhouses, solar greenhouse, small greenhouses for sale
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Attention Garderners

Green thumb enthusiasts! Greenhouse kits and High Tunnel Greenhouses for every budget.

These past 2 years have been busy ones..(2019-21). It seems many gardening enthusiasts are following their passion to grow and that’s a good thing. Whatever that passion may be Greenhouse gardening is starting to catch on.. and I don’t think it’s going away anytime soon.

More and more gardeners are cultivating plans to build and grow their passion, Are you going to be next? We certainly hope so.

Take a look at some of these past projects we built. Here in Colorado…

There are many styles and designs to choose from, from custom solar greenhouses, polycarbonate greenhouse kits to relatively inexpensive high tunnel greenhouses.

It’s ultimately your choice, but no matter what that choice may be, you can’t go wrong when you start your very own greenhouse project. The sooner the better!

For those who love gardening

We are proud to offer the best residential year-round gardening Greenhouse kit the market has to offer. Especially if you live in areas where winters can often shorten a growing season, or if you have an orchid collection you simply love, or if you just want to extend your growing season or just grow specialty herbs and plants of your liking. Or just having a place to put all those house plants you’ve been collecting all year long with a coffee table a relaxing chair and some time to enjoy your surroundings.

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Our Gallery


Greenhouse Stories

Garden room ideas, custom garden greenhouse, custom greenhouses, greenhouse kits, solar greenhouses, lean to greenhouses, attached greenhouse,

Passive Solar Greenhouses

Harnessing Nature’s Energy: The Power of Passive Solar Greenhouses with a climate battery As we continue to search for more sustainable ways to live, it’s

greenhouse foundations, greenhouse base concrete, greenhouse footings, greenhouse foundation plans, greenhouse foundations and floors, greenhouse foundations DIY

Greenhouse Foundations

Building a Strong Foundation for a Greenhouse: Key Considerations and Tips- Cultivating plants and vegetables in a greenhouse is a rewarding and worthwhile endeavor. If

custom sunroom enclosure , wood frame sunroom, attached sunroom, how to build a sunroom, sunroom glass, glulams, sunroom construction, glue-lam beam sunroom

Aluminum Glazing Systems

Aluminum Glazing Systems: Everything You Need to Know Aluminum glazing systems can be a bit of a mystery to those who are unfamiliar with them.

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Buy Polycarbonate Panels

POLYCARBONATE PANELS Buy polycarbonate panels, sheets locally for your greenhouse, patio covers and other backyard projects for polycarbonate applications. Best choice, high tensile strength, extreme


We provide a complete line of tempered glass and greenhouse polycarbonate panels. From time to time I will bring more inspiration, ideas, and thoughts, about building your own efficient greenhouse growing space; as a result, make sure to keep up with my blog. As a local greenhouses and sunrooms builder -re-modeler, I film many of my projects and I share them with you. I do a wide variety of builds from greenhouse kits – Spa enclosures, custom greenhouses and sunrooms, patio deck enclosures, and many other types of outdoor projects. In addition, we also carry and provide a full supply of polycarbonate panels at very affordable prices. For free estimates on a current greenhouse or sunroom idea for a future project, make it point to contact us! Our service area includes Colorado Springs, Woodland Park, and surrounding areas (El Paso County, Teller County). Building is Learning! Greenhouses are a worthwhile investment. “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” -Mark Twain, Writer

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