Greenhouses Design Options

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Recently I received an email from a potential future customer:

” We are very interested in having a year round greenhouse here in the USA
that would be attached in someway to our home.
We are purchasing land very
soon (within the next month) and will be building a home on that land this
next year.
Having said that,
we are trying to figure out with a builder where
to put the greenhouse and how to design it. I’d like figure out what kind of
flooring we would need and where it would be best located off the house.
This is likely to be a custom job for someone who knows what they are doing. I’ve
only had  experience with above ground gardening (veggies)  boxes but would
like to grow our own organic produce year round!
We are interested in having
you come and consult with us and our builder to plan and eventually build the
greenhouse of our dreams! Please let us know! Thank you so much!”

When it’s time to build your dream home, and you are looking to add a quality all year round growing space greenhouse, then it is time to review, consult, research options and designs.

Foremost, think of where your home is located, for most Coloradans and or northern regions who live year around in these areas, all know, that there is a relatively short growing season and more so in the high country.

Just this year 2013, we had snow and frost in early May. updated 3-2018

Choose a greenhouse design that makes sense for the climate. Growing veggies and herbs requires a steady stream of constant warmth and about 6-7 hours of daily sunlight.


Most green houses and greenhouse kits have significant temperature swings,

too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter. We just limited ourselves to seasonal growing.

How do we change this, to be able to grow all year – round?


The north wall should not have any glazing this wall should be insulated with an R-13-19 value if it is free standing, build a solid wall,  if it is a home attached greenhouse, position the front of the greenhouse towards the south.

As mentioned throughout this site, there are but a few types of materials used in the construction of greenhouses, metal, wood and PVC. Which one would be best for your home?

The design appearance of your home should dictate what type of design style is best for the proposed greenhouse build.

Folks with nice upscale homes prefer a quality built greenhouse,  this will point in the right direction towards the right design. The right design enhances the value of the overall property. This in most cases will bring a value added return to your investment.

Building it right the first time requires greenhouse experience and know how. Considering the cost of materials and time it only makes complete sense to have a concise plan before building.

There are a few decent greenhouse roof designs that apply to most custom greenhouses and greenhouse kits.

  • gable pitched roof
  • flat /studio roof
  • gambrel roof
  • Gothic roof
  • Quonset roof
  • Geodesic dome roof
  • Hoop greenhouse roof

All these designs have tremendous appeal but not all these designs will complement the overall design and look that will match all homes. All homes are inherently different, and so are the tastes of individual homeowners. Regardless, greenhouse designs should take into consideration design style and essential components on how to make a greenhouse function as an all year around greenhouse in most climates.

When looking to build a quality greenhouse consider the following:


  • Snow loads for locality
  • Wind loads  ”       “
  • Pier or grade wall concrete foundation
  • Interior Insulated wall foundation
  • operable side vents
  • operable roof vents
  • circulating air fans
  • Insulated North wall
  • Single or double wide doors with screens
  • Passive floor heat
  • Heat sources / heat sink


All things considered, the above mentioned elements will enable an all year around growing greenhouse.

Happened to have any questions …. feel free to contact… Happy to help!

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