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Designing and building sunrooms, patio enclosures, solarium’s or garden rooms and conservatories is all about enhancing lifestyle and purpose.
Budget is always relative, and as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Sunrooms and patio enclosures are synonymous and by having one built by someone with experience who performs their magic would be best choice

Someone with experience can design a sunroom addition that can be used all year long to meet your preferences and desires. Sunrooms make fantastic family rooms and provide a soothing place to relax.

Ah yes! Relaxation…. sunrooms create that extra living space and provides a place to enjoy the wonders of nature from the inside looking out. It is also a perfect place to grow an orchid, vegetable, herb, not to mention the enjoyment of tranquility and a little peace and quiet.

Sunrooms can be classified into two categories;

  • prefabricated kit where the components such as the walls, windows, doors and roof panels are prefabricated and are readily and quickly assembled on a prepared foundation.
  • custom stick built sunroom addition.
  • This sunroom style is built much like a house.

These kinds of sunrooms are more costly and in order to achieve the desired, and matching look, there is a substantial amount of design detail that must first be realized even before the first stick is ever nailed together.


The prefabricated sunroom styles are more cost effective than a custom sunroom addition, Having the desired sunroom and saving money are the two most motivating factors in deciding exactly what to do.

It is also essential to integrate a style that will compliment your home and increase the value of your home. Finding a friendly sunroom provider contractor should be your first goal, someone who can offer sensible and practical ideas for your home.

Adding style with a good design with visible light in a sunroom structure not only embraces the warmth of the sun but also adds a new dimension of a solar heated space within your home.


can consist of aluminum, vinyl PVC, and or various wood species. Glass options for your sunroom can range from high performance Low E to single, double, and triple glazing, as well as tinted glass.

So now that you have been dreaming of this new sunroom addition, but are not sure of the affordability, luckily there are many sunroom options to choose from resulting in a fairly wide price range.

A four season room addition is most likely the better choice. A three season enclosure is always less expensive and can serve the same purpose just as well as an all season sunroom.

Whatever the decision is, sunroom additions add stunning features to one’s home. Sunrooms are much more than just room additions; they provide a sanctuary for your family, designed to enhance lifestyle and home functionality.

Sunrooms are family room additions or a spa pool enclosure. If designed right, they add additional light, increased living space all of which add value to your home. In today s economy, transforming your home into a design masterpiece and enjoying more space with a sunroom addition, is a popular and affordable trend.

If interested in increasing the value of your house, in addition to enjoying the benefits of a multipurpose, sun filled room then consider building a sunroom addition and or patio enclosure.


Before making any final decisions for a sunroom addition, there are several issues to consider. Adding a sunroom as a bedroom extension or a small cozy breakfast or bedroom nook addition, off any living area. Is an idea worth pursuing. Consider the purpose, sunroom ideas and decors are endless.

Other issues to consider include heating and cooling, shading and ventilation. Ways to make your sun room addition blend in with the rest of your home. Always try to get the most out of your investment. Obtain someone with local experience and from a company that specializes in these types of projects.

Hopefully this short article can provide the right path towards your future sunroom project. Cheers!

There are two types of patio enclosures: All Season Patio Enclosures and 3-Season Patio Enclosures!


Now you can afford-ably and effortlessly create flexible living space that adapts to your changing lifestyle …Here’s why:

  •  increase the usable living space in your home.
  • enjoy the outdoors in any weather with protection from rain, wind and sun.
  • provide protection from pesky insects.
  •  beautiful additions to any style home.
  • increase the value of your home.

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Designing sunrooms to fit your home is what we do best…

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