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food price increases..! Considering the rapid pace of our growing society, the benefits of  greenhouse growing and growing your own food supply is becoming more popular day by day. Read along these green lines and see the impact of what a growing population and the effects of global warming will have on food supply in the near future. Dont believe in global warming? your not alone!
  • Do you believe in food shortages?
  • Do you believe in a shrinking economy?
  • Hows your economy?

Many have the desire to do exactly what this article is all about.
I applaud you immensely…!

If you are reading the current news about increasing food prices. Quality of food you are presently buying. If you are anything like me, its nothing to take for granted.

Sure we can continue to rely on the many Wall-Marts to bring our needs to our doorstep but what exactly are they bringing us.

Many families will never stop using Wall-Mart and various other food suppliers to meet certain needs.

I don’ t believe many of us can do without them; it is just a fact of life.


Leading supermarket chains have cornered the market; hard to avoid. The key to healthy living and less expensive food sources is to have alternatives. This is the secret to successful greenhouse living and sustenance.

Always consider how much money will be SAVED….

Plant and grow your own food. The quality of vegetables, is a serious consideration. By growing your own vegetable food supply, there will be no need to worry about sprays and additives.

The need to buy veggies for salads will no longer be necessary.  With an insulated greenhouse you will probably have enough fresh herbs, tomato, cucumbers, zucchinis and lettuce to last even longer. Storing extra tomato and other vegetables for use during the winter can be very frugal and handy.

Do not let the activities of everyday life get in the way of your re connection to this beautiful planet. Grow your own food. Save the planet, save money. Be healthy. It is a win-win-win situation.

Building your own greenhouse can be lots of fun and it does not have to be all that expensive. After the initial cost and effort to accomplish your greenhouse building project, just think of the benefits. A greenhouse building project can mean much happiness and joy for the entire family.

Listed below and all throughout the net are the many benefits of having a Greenhouse.

However let’s emphasize the importance once again and summarize it in one place.


  • Prosper by achieving these benefits into your life.
  • Greenhouse structures provide a place to start seedlings
  • Greenhouses can be constructed and combined into 2 areas:
  • Growing plants and a personal sanctuary environment, reconnect with nature
  • Greenhouse for house plants, Aquaponics, hydroponics
  • Greenhouses provide a home with increased value, solar collectors, a growing station
  • Greenhouses are versatile and are multi use structures
  • Home attached or free standing
  • All year around vegetable growing, insulated greenhouse
  • Extend growing season
  • Grow a variety of plants in a temperature controlled environment
  • Protect plants, vegetables and flowers from insects, wild animals and outside elements
  • Contain beneficial insects like lady bugs that protect and consume damaging insects
  • Weather control from adverse weather patterns such as hail, high gusty winds, rain


Greenhouses provide tranquility, reassurance, and personal satisfaction. The uses and purpose are endless, with a little thought your investment will be priceless.

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